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Night Fishing Tips - Details about How Best to Set Up For Night Fishing!

Fishing in the wee hours of this night is relaxing and tranquil sometimes. However, if the sting is on watch out! Excitement is everywhere! One of the reasons I really like night fishing is because there's very little fishing pressure. Very few fisherman benefit from the wonderful opportunities you have when you go night fishing for any species like crappie, walleye, catfish or bass likely because they simply don't know how. You will be astounded at the variety of different fish you will catch at night even if you're targeting a particular species of fish such as walleye. Now I want to provide you with a few very simple night fishing tips that can help you to become a much better night cyclists. 

#1 Underwater fishing lights

I always put this thing on top of the night fishing gear list and for good reason. The best fluorescent submersible's use 25-40watts of electricity , and they exude 1000 to 3000 lumens each tube.It is amazing just how much plankton these lights will attract. These little organisms are the primary food source of the majority of the little bait fish which match like bass love to strike. Bait fish are the main ingredient that is needed to have a successful night fishing trip. These lights absolutely are useful in bringing game fish such as walleye to your nighttime fishing place. When you have a swarm or ball of bait fish surrounding your underwater fishing light anything can happen. All you have to do is cast your rigs out near the border of your lighting source and you are ready for a thrilling night. I love going night fishing due to the range of game fish you may catch at night. You can catch walleye,catfish,crappie and bass ! It does not matter they're all their for an easy meal.And it's my view I could of caught very few of these fish with no good underwater fishing light source.

#2 Surface night fishing lights

Surface lighting is very important not just for fishing but for the safety. I want to identify two primary areas that surface light can help you. The main reason is for the security. At a very minimum you want to at least have your night running lights on when you are nighttime fishing. You need to differentiate yourself to other nighttime fisherman and recreational boaters. There have been a a lot of watercraft accidents because did not do this very simple step of identification. The second rationale is essential too. The light source will pro-ject upon the surface and attract insects, yes I said attract insects! Insects bring bait fish and bait fish attract mare sport fish! Just make sure that you hang these lights outside of your boat so that you keep most of the insects away from you. Should you use a Coleman type lantern for night fishing be sure to shield the side facing to the boat so that the light reflect back out and across the water. This limit the amount of pests which will attack you at the ship.

#3 Pre-Planning is vital!

Before you choose to go night fishing it is very important to do some preplanning. Create a check list of all the items which will be essential after nightfall. Additionally get out and scout the areas you wish to night fish to your day. If you've got a GPS to mark them that would be great. If you do not have a GPS identify land marks that you'll have the ability to identify after night fall.

I hope the information I have supplied about underwater fishing lights can help you on your next fishing excursion! God bless and a good day to you.

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