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Let Indigo Handle all of your Anti Slip Tape requirements! Our Rates will be the cheapest in the UK (backed up by our Price Beater)

We stock a Huge Selection of Non Slip Products available for Next-Day Delivery

With years of Antislip Experience, we will help you find the Ideal Non Slip cassette Solution
Our scope comprises Conformable, Glow in the Dark, Water and Aqua Safe, Extra Heavy Duty, Coloured, Hazard Warning Anti-Slip Tape, 3M Safety Walk, Grip Tape and much more

Prices start at below #4.95 Per roster

Call today on 01268 768 768

What is Anti Slip Tape or Anti Skid Tape?

Standard Abrasive Anti-Slip Tape -- This is Ideal for general scenarios without sand. Unlikely to harm bare skin in the Event of a fall.Grit size approximately 60, or 0.010" average particle.Many colours, widths and specifications available including custom

Coarse Abrasive Anti-Slip Tape -- This Anti-slip Tape good for many industrial environments but can be harsh to skin, so not ideal where children or disabled and elderly adults are likely to fall for reasons other than a slip. Grit size approximately 36, or about 0.019" typical particle.This is available in many colours and specifications to dictate

Extra-Coarse Abrasive Anti-Slip Tape -- Best alternative where sand could be present. Incredibly durable due to its additional large grit size. Also, useful where additional strong traction is essential, such as external ramps, sloping driveways, loading docks. Very Aggressive to bare skin at a fall, be cautious. Grit size approximately 24, or 0.027" average particle.Available in many colours to order

We always advise you to prepare the surfaces properly with our anti slip surface cleaner and to use Edge Fix to seal the edges for all Safety-Grip anti-slip tape that is frequently exposed to water or heavy foot traffic

The size of the grit is less important than the slip resistance. If the coating is too thick on top of any abrasive destroys its effectiveness by drowning the sharp points that provide wet traction. Our technology and quality control, together with use of tough aluminum oxide
particles (much more durable than silica sand) result in high slip resistance as well as excellent durability in our anti-slip tapes.

Non-Abrasive Anti-Slip Floor/Tub Grip Tapes Water Safe

These tapes are absolutely perfect for areas where the tapes will be submerged in water such as around swimming pools, swimming pool steps, bathrooms, cloak rooms, changing rooms, wet roomsetcx.

Our Standard Aqua-SafeWater Safe non-abrasive anti-slip tape is perfect for barefoot areas and food preparation areas as it is much kinder to bare feet than our Safety Grip abrasive anti-slip tape and is a lot easier to clean! The slip resistance of Aqua-Safe is still very good, but Coarse non-abrasive anti-slip grip tape has phenomenal wet slip resistance!

It's perfect for boats, ships, vessels, OAP bathtubs, pool decks, and other areas where extra gripon the surface is required. Coarse Resilient will be slightly harder to get perfectly clean than Aqua-Safe, but it's grip is amazing and is available to order

Spacing of Anti-Slip Tapes

Testing on human subjects shows that a heel slip of three inches is 50 percent likely to result in a fall. Distance between anti-slip tapes in the direction of travel should therefore be no more than 1 1/2 inches. Gaps between anti-slip tapes should be perpendicular to the direction of travel.

On stairs, we recommend you have a a 2″ wide anti-slip tape contrasting color strip no more than one inch from the nose of each stair tread.

When considering the cost of non-skid tape, consider also the cost of a slip and fall accident. Hip fractures usually require a minimum of a two-week hospital stay plus surgical costs exceeding #65000. Additional damages from falls may include income replacement or death benefit; pain and suffering, and loss of consort by family members; economic losses such as failure to complete contracts, close real estate deals, etc.; decreased quality of life (especially for the elderly); loss of anticipation of future activities, pleasure or comfort ("loss of trust"); and punitive damages

We Are Here in Order to help

Please telephone Indigo at the UK on 01268 768 768, our friendly sales team look forward to your mobile or

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